Silk Road Splendor


Russell S. Fling
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  • "If you could only buy one book about Central Asian embroidery or Suzanis, which work would provide the most comprehensive and objective information? A good choice would certainly be Khans, Nomads, & Needlework." Carpet Collector 2/2014
  • "Russell S. Fling is to be heartily congratulated on his magnum opus." HALI Magazine Winter 2013
  • "An admirable book with excellent examples." (a Brussels dealer)
  • "The content is well researched and presented, and the quality of the book production and photographs is first rate. Photographs [of local people] are a huge contribution, adding an appeal that will make many more people likely to buy it. They really are great shots, all of them." (Gerald, Massachusetts collector)
  • "[Your book] is fantastic! It is worth every penny of your asking price. Aside from the suzanis, the hats are marvelous." (Wes, California.)
  • It's here! And it exceeds my expectations, thank you, and your family, so much. It's breathtaking, so lovely it almost brought tears to my eyes. This will hold me over til I'm able to make the trip to that part of the world. (Joanne)
  • "Your extraordinary, remarkable, and superb book arrived today." (Paula and Verne, collectors in California.)
  • "I have REALLY enjoyed "surfing" your book. Was pleasantly surprised at the quantity of "support" diagrams and pictures establishing the people/place context, and did enjoy the small intro into the "hats". All of the illustrations are excellently done." (Bob, Ohio)